Altenar: European iGaming Provider – Mission Attainable

Isabella Aslam speaks with Dinos Stranomitis, Director & COO of Altenar, on the software provider’s plans to further more expand its world footprint, the regulated current market and how banking institutions are incorporating cryptocurrencies into the new electronic entire world. 
Established in 2011, iGaming software company Altenar has been on the increase due to the fact its inception. The corporation has cemented itself in Latin American and African businesses however, Altenar also has several licences in virtually every single state in Europe. 

“We are at a stage at the minute the place we have a Gambling Commission licence for suppliers,” Stranomitis told Gambling Insider. “We have a B2B licence in Malta and Romania and also have certification in Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Latvia and Lithuania. Alongside this, we have been built-in with the regulator in Italy and supporting controlled enterprises in Belgium. We are completely licensed.”  

It’s an comprehensive checklist. Do you have any designs to even further it into, say Australia or Canada? 
We are also in the method of getting a Greek provider licence as nicely. It is really a small region, it could possibly not be major for business enterprise but it’s superior to grow our portfolio. Greece is requiring an ISO 27001, the complex security criteria, so it will help us, and to my information and facts that will be the necessity also for a German licence as nicely. 

I never see any distinct rush to expand more in Japanese Europe. Canada is incredibly appealing for us, we are curious in knowledge the Canadian environment so considerably, we know there are specified regions in Canada that allow licences. At the time a Canadian national licence exists, we will go for that. We imagine Canada is most very likely the greatest territory just before getting into the US. In terms of Australia, if a enterprise situation will come throughout, we will undoubtedly attain that. We have also mentioned an prospect for South Africa, and we are in the approach of getting a licence there as a provider. It is early phases but in advance of you start off on the precise application it is excellent to perform on the state of mind of the business.  

And the US? 
For Altenar the US is, as some say, “a way to go”. It is in our curiosity given the appropriate chance and the ideal timing.  

When will you utilize for a licence in the Netherlands? 
We are even now ready for the Dutch law and regulation to be posted, to comprehend particularly what a provider desires for the Netherlands. 
In terms of evolution, what do you truly feel about regulation towards NFTs and cryptocurrencies? For illustration, lately NFT football website was underneath investigation by The Gambling Fee? 

Effectively, where by to get started with cryptocurrency really! The crypto globe is a parallel universe there are some black holes where a person universe is connected to the other. As lengthy as the banking companies are pleased that some of the earnings will come as a result of crypto, we are very open to going via with that selection. Nowadays, in contemporary times and particularly write-up-Covid days, banking dictates more or significantly less the money stream. And any form of prosperity that comes into your pockets or the corporation, the resource has to be demonstrated. When it arrives to crypto, if you can not demonstrate where this came from and the origin is a genuine occasion, then it can be a major difficulty. 

A lot extra banking companies are incorporating crypto as we speak! 
Of course, that is suitable. Which is why I am indicating there is a way to go you just have to have to be incredibly watchful how you take care of the predicament. We are really open on that, we are favourable. It is just another forex. We would just like to be regulated effectively. And have the appropriate documentation to supply the origin of this crypto. If you make a normal deal with an operator and you get compensated in crypto, the financial institutions will be alright.  

People can nevertheless be uneasy about crypto, so, you’ve received to have faith and trust and display you are beneficial about it as a provider, and inevitably it gives customers assurance too… 
Accurate. We are constructive about it. Regardless, if you are regulated you really should never ever turn into rigid. Versatility really should nonetheless be the circumstance but in a way where you are not disturbing the ecosystem around you. It is all about how you technique the local community.  

You are an founded corporation but have not seriously promoted your European footprint. What’s the rationale for this? 
You require to be really mindful when it will come to regulation. So numerous fines, penalties or terrible publicity can occur. Regulators can transform against operators and the like. So we would like to have a confirmed footprint very first. We start off with sure compact operators in every single state, make absolutely sure every little thing is high-quality, and then push forward. The European problem at the minute is a minimal bit of a mosaic. Each solitary state, Isabella, has unique regulations that you have to fulfill. There are way too numerous restrictions and regulators, much too lots of countries all with so quite a few distinctions with no harmonisation. 

Each and every country and government have their concepts. It’s a nightmare. So, we really do not have to encourage what we never have in concrete. But we are at the stage now wherever we not only have all of those certifications I outlined, and licences, but we have retained them and have a office that will take treatment of that. When I go to exhibitions, lots of people today complain declaring ‘European regulation is a mission impossible’ – well it’s a mission probable! If you do factors proper. 

You sound like you have a plan… 
We hold a quite superior monitor of all these certifications and licences so we really do not get in trouble. We have certain ways to cross-check out internally it will help us to do matters correctly. We also made the decision to obtain a databases of the dates of delivery of gamers. We have the solution that when we have a day of delivery confirmed and it is an adult, only then do we supply our services for certain nations around the world that demand this sort of a rule. If there are any gamers without having their date of birth confirmed, we don’t provide. 

We decided to engage in harmless simply because we want to protect our clients, the operators. So, we perform a bit safer with a really simple concept. On the other hand, there is a rule in Spain that in dwell betting, you can only use how substantially dollars you have in your wallet the moment the game begins. Immediately after that level, if the customer deposits money, they can not use this excessive amount for that specific match. Another person assumed about it, people ministers and regulators have insane strategies. Every region is one of a kind, sadly, or thankfully. In Italy, the instant you acknowledge a guess, no resettlement is allowed – you have to shell out. No issues. 

Very well, if you are carrying out a thing that one location claims you just can’t do, but a person states you can, inevitably you will conclude up carrying out it all at some position in diverse jurisdictions? 
That is correct. The EU promotes alone as a cost-free movement of folks, products and suggestions. But that is pretty considerably from happening! In a way, it is continue to the absolutely free movement of people today if you exclude the Covid case. But the motion of goods – it’s far from getting there. 
I really don’t assume anything is no cost movement at the minute. 
Yes, if there was a place in the EU that was prosperous in gambling, it’s the British isles. The United kingdom has several years of practical experience in the gambling sector in my view, they have regulated incredibly early. This makes me ponder why the EU does not trust the most thriving member to harmonise law throughout Europe. 

Every single one condition has to arrive up with the most odd and irrational tips of how gambling really should be, but what is the rationale for this? Of course, every one wants to make cash but why not harmonisation? This is difficulties for suppliers and operators in handling and having opportunities. We are attaining the option simply because we take care of rather perfectly. And maybe it is a time to promote without being irrational, much too. Let’s perform the ball the ideal way.